Our Company

Shanghai Lipu Electric Lighting Co., Ltd. founded in 2001, and specialized in producing LED flood lights, LED street lights, all kinds traditional outdoor lighting products such as flood lights, street lights, factory lights, halogen lights and its accessories like ballast, ignitor, capacitor, lamps, photo control etc. The home automation products such as LED ceiling lights have also been researched and produced.Our company built a new factory in Changzhou...in 2013.(Changzhou Huaou Lighting Electric Co., Ltd.) in order to meet the growing needs of production.

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After more than 16 years development and growth, the company has formed a set of product development.


In 1947, Hong Kong-born Chinese professor Deng Qingyun found in the laboratory organic light-emitting diode, which is OLED, which started the study of OLED...

China's urbanization of the rapid advance directly led to the increase in urban road lighting, gave birth to intelligent road lighting management and wisdom of the city's needs.

Recently, the Chinese National Development and Reform Commission issued the "first half of 2017 to promote investment shortcomings work and the second half of the work focus"...