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OLED lighting

Time: 2016-05-26

OLED lighting 


Development History

In 1947, Hong Kong-born Chinese professor Deng Qingyun found in the laboratory organic light-emitting diode, which is OLED, which started the study of OLED, in 1987, Professor Deng Qingyun and Van Slyke using ultra-thin film Technology, using transparent conductive film as anode, Alq 3 as light-emitting layer, triarylamine as hole transport layer, Mg / Ag alloy as cathode, made of double-layer organic electroluminescent devices. In 1990, Burroughes et al. Discovered OLEDs with conjugated polymer PPV as a light-emitting layer, and the upsurge of OLED research has been around the world. Professor Deng is also known as "the father of OLED".


Product Features

OLED display technology with self-luminous characteristics, the use of very thin organic coating and glass substrate, when there is current through, these organic materials will be light, and OLED display screen viewing angle, and can save electricity from 2003 Year began to display this device in the MP3 player has been applied.

OLED to use organic light-emitting materials, the first is a dye and pigment as the material of small molecular device system, and the other with conjugated polymer as the material of the polymer device system. At the same time, because the organic electroluminescent device has the characteristics of light-emitting diode rectification and light emission, the small molecule organic electroluminescent device is also called OLED (Organic Light Emitting Diode), and the polymer organic electroluminescent device is called PLED (Polymer Light-emitting Diode). Small molecule and polymer OLED in the material properties can be said to be different, but the development of existing technology, such as the reliability of the monitor, and electrical characteristics, production stability point of view, small molecule OLED in a leading position. The current production of OLED components, all the use of small molecules of organic light-emitting materials.

OLED display technology with self-luminous, wide viewing angle, almost infinite contrast, low power consumption, high response speed, etc., not only for the display screen is also used in the lighting industry.OLED to light, no glare, New style and other characteristics, by industry experts and investors of all ages,

In the lighting industry, OLED is mainly used for panel lights, table lamps, indoor chandeliers, our company Lipu lighting, now introduced OLED light read and write lights and OLED board.